Al Zeidi would not have known that tossing a show at Prez Bush will bring him so much of honor. A sofa-sized statue of the shoe was unveiled in Tikrit, the hometown of the former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, commemorating the grand day when Al Zeidi did the unimaginable. The statue would have been something if it would have been complemented with a statue of Bush's head right next to it :) .The full Story at NYDailyNews

Few days back I was Googling for Follow Me On Twitter badges and buttons and came across a horde of them. Sharing my find with you has a collection of cute looking Twitter badges that are similar to the pink one of the left only the color and backgrounds are different. My Twitter badge came from this site. Simple and sweet. has a collection of these adorable Twitter badges in Gif. I love the walking bird. has a huge collection of twitter badges and buttons from several sites. Some of the badges are are downright hilarious and some of them are weird, but all in all a good collection. If you are looking for something simple and business like then this site is just right for you. You will find some nice badges with the Twitter theme on this site.

Now for the Twitter Tips. If you are trying to increase your fan following on twitter then this post is must for you... Ten Ways To Increase Your Twitter Followers. This is a great post if you are serious about making it big on

This is again one of the most innovative wedding invitation I have ever seen. It takes hell lot of craziness coupled with creativity to come up with an idea like this. Hats off to the guy/girl who thought of this.

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Also check out this cute comic wedding invitation that I blogged about few days back.

Calvin and Hobbes! This page has all the old comic strips featuring Calvin's hilarious snow sculptures. I simply adore this young guy and the tiger. This post is a must see... FYI: This is not the complete post you have to click the link to read the whole post.

More more more

Note in Additional Details: I am not ugly. Eric baby if you are not ugly then why don't you go out and talk to girls directly instead of wasting your time on facebook or Yahoo Answers.

Found this one on Digg! The world is filled with Nerds of all sorts.

An Update: has reported that the bug has been fixed and have requested for removal of the screenshots. In view of their quick action and progressive response the post has been removed.

Sorry people, had to remove it, the request was polite enough and could not be ignored.

A very cute viral by if you are in love you can surely relate to it. Watch Now!

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Some Amazing DIY sites/posts features some very nice and simple DIY tips and tricks. My favorite one is the paper rose flower. I think it would take just about one minute to make this flower and it looks just so striking. Other awesome post includes silver leaves from aluminium cans. Also, you can pick up some great ideas to make gift tags from this site. is again an excellent DIY site. It has some great posts on fabric art and jewellery making. My personal favorite is the Crayon Nibbles. This is a wonderful idea to convert those broken pieces of crayons into a candy like cube of crayon. A great gifts for kids. is a general ezine kind of a site. But I found its DIY section quite captivating. My favorite post is a Canvas Panel with Star like lights. Other posts are interesting as well, though, some of them you will find are taken for other blogs on DIY. All in all a good site. is an excellent site on paper art. You will be amazed to see how many beautiful things you can make by folding paper. My favourite one is Kusudama Tutorial, I don not know what this word means but you can makeout that the outcome of this tutorial will be classy by looking at the picture on the left. Seriously a must see site. definately deserves a special mention for its popupcards.