DIY: TableCards From Origami

My memories of Origami comprise of making paper boats during rainy season. But now that I see origami is much more than just boats, balloons or tippy taps. Came across these cute tablecards made from origami. In India tablecards are not fancied so much so as compared with the west. Over here you just sit wherever you can find a place during social gatherings. However, I feel these tablecards can actually make good greeting cards for kids. Take a look yourself.

DIY: Best Out Of Waste

I am a great fan of DIY artist and is a great site to find them. While browsing through the site I came across a great website on DIY home decor This site has simple yet exquisite tips to convert your trash into things of beauty. Now, right here, by looking at this pic on the left you may never be able to guess that it is made out of worthless drawers. Now you know what I am saying? For more such DIY tips visit the site.

If you want to receive unwanted SMSes then is just the right place for you. is a site where you can place bids on mobiles, PSPs, laptops etc, the most unique bid of all wins. Obviously you need to create an account with them and disclose your mobile number and other details blah blah blah. That is when the bombardment of SMSes will commence. You think it will stop after couple of days, but it goes on. Irritated, you logon to the site to delete your account. Voila! no delete option available. You send them an email. They will respond saying "We would definitely process your request. We would be very happy if you could share us the reason for quitting the services offered by Bidfriends. So that we can increase our quality of service." Cool! you might respond explaining why you want to delete your account from this crappy site or you might not. A week goes by, you continue reciving messages. You then write a mail again threatening them with a blogpost like this. Eureka! your account is deleated! No more SMSes. You may feel you are free now. Nirvana seems close. Bam! After 20 days you again recieve similar SMS and that is when you sit down on your computer and compose a blogpost similar to this one.


Oktatabyebye Viral: Gajodhar

Webchutney has finally woken up from hibernation. This time they have done a viral with a Ghajini spoof as a viral marketing stunt for Must say it is an exceptional good one. Watch it Now!

Snow Globe Soap

"What's cuter than a button, small enough to fit in a stocking, won't rot your teeth and leaves you squeaky clean? A mini snow-globe soap, of course! Here's a super-fun craft you can whip up in an afternoon. It's quick, it's easy and it hardly makes any mess!"

I don know if the ingredients are available in India or not, but I find this way too cute to blog about. Checkout the complete preparation here.

Astro Predictions For 2009

I am not an astro person but seriously found this quite interesting.
To know your future in the year 2009, how your relationships, health, money, blah blah blah will turn out to be... Click Here

Bush Gets Shooed

I am not in a mood to write. So first You checkout this video

And now you play the game featuring Bush and the shoe!!! Pretty fast thinking for whosoever came up with this game. I am proud of you shoeman!!!