The Paradigm Shift !!!!!

Poor Software Engineers, first companies turn you down, then prospects turn you down, pretty sucked up situation. (Click on the picture for a better view)

Again, I am not on and even if I was I would not be searching for female matches.

Funny and weird things happen everywhere. Just when I thought 'nothing new is happening' I get directed here

Twitter search for #3stalkerwords

Twitter Search for #3wordsaftersex
Twitter Search for #3wordsbeforesex
Twitter Search for #3wordsduringsex

If you are on twitter you would know what hashtag means. If you are not on twitter then you should be there. Nothing much to write here, you just gotta check the links.



Via ShikhaMagic

My Fav part, when the kitties escape from the holes :D

From the author: We had a lot of fun making this video and so did the kittens. *PLEASE NOTE THAT NO KITTENS WERE INJURED IN THE MAKING OF THIS VIDEO.*

My fav 0.49... Spat! Killed a fly!!! :D :D :D

Shaun Smith singing aint no sunshine (one of my favs) in Britains Got Talent, Episode 5.

Airtel Viral - Thakur ki Shaadi

I just had a can of coke and come across this heartbreaking site Sugar Stacks, which shows that a single can of coke contains some odd 9 sugar cubes in it. I feel so guilty now and would not be able to have dinner tonight.

You want some motivation or rather 'demotivation' to skip dinner, then do visit this site. It also shows the sugar content in some other food stuff that we have in our day today life.