Few days back I was Googling for Follow Me On Twitter badges and buttons and came across a horde of them. Sharing my find with you

Limeshot.com has a collection of cute looking Twitter badges that are similar to the pink one of the left only the color and backgrounds are different. My Twitter badge came from this site. Simple and sweet.

Siahdesign.com has a collection of these adorable Twitter badges in Gif. I love the walking bird.

Hongkiat.com has a huge collection of twitter badges and buttons from several sites. Some of the badges are are downright hilarious and some of them are weird, but all in all a good collection.

RandaClay.com If you are looking for something simple and business like then this site is just right for you. You will find some nice badges with the Twitter theme on this site.

Now for the Twitter Tips. If you are trying to increase your fan following on twitter then this post is must for you... Ten Ways To Increase Your Twitter Followers. This is a great post if you are serious about making it big on Twitter.com.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful twitter badge collection, i use this one for my site. Thank's!