An Update: has reported that the bug has been fixed and have requested for removal of the screenshots. In view of their quick action and progressive response the post has been removed.

Sorry people, had to remove it, the request was polite enough and could not be ignored.


Spammer said...

Thanks for the database... 5000 free email IDs not bad

Rajesh Barnwal said...

Extremely sorry for the bug. It has been fixed now.
Now wanted to make a sincere request. Could you please remove the screenshots from the post, in the interest of our subscribers.
I will be personally grateful to you for this help.
Thanks and Regards,

Rajesh Barnwal said...

request you to please rub off the email ids at least...

123 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rajesh Barnwal said...

Thanks a lot :-)
Much appreciate your co-operation!
Best Regards,
Rajesh Barnwal
Editor, AlooTechie