Some Amazing DIY sites/posts features some very nice and simple DIY tips and tricks. My favorite one is the paper rose flower. I think it would take just about one minute to make this flower and it looks just so striking. Other awesome post includes silver leaves from aluminium cans. Also, you can pick up some great ideas to make gift tags from this site. is again an excellent DIY site. It has some great posts on fabric art and jewellery making. My personal favorite is the Crayon Nibbles. This is a wonderful idea to convert those broken pieces of crayons into a candy like cube of crayon. A great gifts for kids. is a general ezine kind of a site. But I found its DIY section quite captivating. My favorite post is a Canvas Panel with Star like lights. Other posts are interesting as well, though, some of them you will find are taken for other blogs on DIY. All in all a good site. is an excellent site on paper art. You will be amazed to see how many beautiful things you can make by folding paper. My favourite one is Kusudama Tutorial, I don not know what this word means but you can makeout that the outcome of this tutorial will be classy by looking at the picture on the left. Seriously a must see site. definately deserves a special mention for its popupcards.