I never knew Spiderman came in such varied forms as well. Take a look at the Bug Catcher Spiderman... very different from the original wall climbing and web slinging one. But very amusing indeed.

Hhhmmmm... the size seems to be good enough, neither too small nor too large.

All set to catch bugs with the net and the guide.

Good that you are not a bug... else this would have been the last thing you would have seen :)

Nice hat.

Insect and bugs guide. Ofcourse no spiders included.

Wow... the detailing is clearly remarkable.

The front.

The behind.


Checkout the cool boots... they are actually removable.

Now dig this... the boots open from the back... superb.

The container, where this mighty Spiderman stores the catch.

I bet this is what Peter Parker does when the crime market is down. But hold on... this is not the only part time job that Spiderman does, there is more. So come back soon to catch glimpse of other Spiderman Dolls.


Tahir said...

After so many years the spidey gets a new suit :P Nice blog !!! And how did u get those moose pics ?? default ??Plus do you want to exchange links ??
Thanks for dropping by.Plus nice Sherlock joke.Old but still good. :D