Yesterday a minor fire at Pitampura metro Station caused mayhem at Delhi Metro Dilshad Garden-Rithala Line. The metros were delayed by approximately two hours. Fire can happen anywhere and anytime. It is not the fire that forced me to write this post but the lack of common sense of the metro officials.

A single journey metro token is valid for approximately an hour after it has been swiped at the start point of ones journey. My close friend boarded the metro from Dilshad Garden at 5:50, she reached Pitampura metro station at 7:45, till then her token had expired and she could not get out. My friend and many others requested the metro officials at the Pitampura station to open the way as an exception because of the fire. Did the metro people use their common sense, NO they didn’t. They said that they didn’t have the right authority to open the exit way. Then who gave them the authority to stop people from going home after most of them sat in the metro for 2 hours. Agitated passengers tried to talk sense into metro officials but as I said common sense is not so common after all, rest of the story I am sure you will figure out.

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Sachin Garg said...

Happened to be there at Pitampura station at the time of fire.
Not that I have a point to make but still wanted to mention.