I am a true Delhite from heart and from soul. There is no place better than Delhi. I have been born and brought up here and I have never hesitated in saying that Delhi is my home, I have been to other places but Delhi is where I want to be all my life. (PS by Delhi I mean the NCR as well… Noida and Gurgoan)

5 things I love about Delhi

  1. The Street food: Yum, just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Hot steaming momos with the chilly sauce from numerous Chinese vans. Chicken rolls at Khan Chachas. Maggi at Tom Uncle, DU. Bombay bhel at South Ex. Banta stalls found at almost all markets. Pav Bhaji at Rajori. Do I even have to say anymore. N yes the Gol gappas, how could I forget them. N also the tikki from BTW, Netaji Subhash Place. OMG, the list it endless. And I know I would keep going on and on about it so I better move to the next thing.
  2. The Nightlife: Manre, Elevates, Fbar and Aura are some of my favorites. Getting tipsy and sneaking back to a friend’s home always pumps up my spirit.
  3. Flea markets: Sarojini Nagar market, Janpath, Lajpat Nagar I love them love them love them. Hanging out with my friends, looking for cheap bargains, and bargaining with the shopkeepers to reduce the price (I am really bad at that, so I prefer going there with a friend who is good at bargaining)
  4. The Hangouts: Delhi Haat, CP, GK 1, Saket. Just strolling along the lanes doing nothing, window shopping and occasional shopping. My fav place is Delhi Haat.
  5. The Malls and Movie halls: The malls and movie halls have now over crowded the city in a good way. There are four good movie falls about two kilometers or maybe three from where I live. Nothing beats the blues more than catching a movie at a movie hall. And even better is the careless stroll inside the mall after the movie is over. I at times enjoy watching movies on my own, though my friends and family fail to understand why, and so do I.
5 things I hate about Delhi

  1. The heat and cold: I hate the extreme winters cause I hate wearing sweaters. The scorching heat in the summer just gets on to my head. I love rains though, it gets muddy, but I still love them.
  2. The auto walas: They never fail to get on my nerves. Especially if I have to travel to an NCR from Delhi.
  3. The traffic: Everywhere I look, there are flyovers under construction. One is over the construction for other one starts. And the traffic jams caused due to them just sucks.
  4. The ‘under the table’ cops: If you ask me I haven’t met a single person who has never bribed a cop. Everyday I see atleast one cop without helmet going from the wrong side. So much for the law makers.
  5. The beggars: they should be called ‘the buggers’. They are a big nuisance in city.
All and all there are good things and there are bad things about Delhi. But I still love this city.


Harsh Agrawal said...

Ah Delhi..
its been few days and I'm out of Delhi and I miss it like anything...
not to forget..your post made me so hungry....

Khan chacha rolls, and bhel puri at south x, not to forget momos at 3c's are my fav.

Talking about things you don't like..
Somehow I feel the number of under the table cop are still less here...

but the interesting part is buggers
It always remind me of movie "Traffic signal " :P

Mansi said...

I myself suffered from hunger pangs after compiling this post :)

Meera said...

You have captured the essence of Delhi very well!

I love all those street food places too.

Perhaps, another addition to the 'hate list' should be the BRT stretch.

Keep up the blogging!

Danish.coolkhan said...

Wow ur blog is awesome yaar.