If you want to receive unwanted SMSes then BidFriends.com is just the right place for you.

BidFriends.com is a site where you can place bids on mobiles, PSPs, laptops etc, the most unique bid of all wins. Obviously you need to create an account with them and disclose your mobile number and other details blah blah blah. That is when the bombardment of SMSes will commence. You think it will stop after couple of days, but it goes on. Irritated, you logon to the site to delete your account. Voila! no delete option available. You send them an email. They will respond saying "We would definitely process your request. We would be very happy if you could share us the reason for quitting the services offered by Bidfriends. So that we can increase our quality of service." Cool! you might respond explaining why you want to delete your account from this crappy site or you might not. A week goes by, you continue reciving messages. You then write a mail again threatening them with a blogpost like this. Eureka! your account is deleated! No more SMSes. You may feel you are free now. Nirvana seems close. Bam! After 20 days you again recieve similar SMS and that is when you sit down on your computer and compose a blogpost similar to this one.