This is not what I generally blog about. But bad customer experience is too much to take. I love online shopping the comfort the ease. I have shopped at homeshop18 and ebay without any hassles. However, I faced the worst experience at Indiatimes Shopping. My worst shopping experience began the day I received a Rs 1000 gift coupon to shop at Indiatimes Shopping in a article writing contest.

I decided to purchase a basic webcam from I selected a webcam worth Rs. 1299 and decided to pay the amount through the Rs. 1000 gift coupon and the excess from some other means. The payment gateway took me to the payment option of my choice I paid Rs 299 and then the payment gateway was supposed to take me back to my order page on, but Bingo! their server experienced a downtime. So I was Rs 299 poorer and my payment did not reflect in After following them twice I was told that within 24hrs the payment will reflect otherwise it would be refunded. Cool! These things happen.

I got the webcam few days before Diwali, too busy with the festivities I did not check it. Today I realized that they have send me webcam worth Rs 745 MRP. I have been robbed of Rs 299 +Rs 255 worth gift coupon Moreover, his is not the webcam I ever wanted, it has such a bad quality. Now they have registered my complain and it will take 3 working days for them to come to a conclusion.

I guess I need not say no more. Worst shopping experience ever with Guys do not waste your time at this site, better try or

This is the printscreen of my online order form for this damn webcam. Right click and view image for a clearer picture.

And below is the image of the webcam details on the box that was delivered. Sorry for bad quality. Right click and view image for a better view


Prashant said...

Mansi, you really have to be careful when you shop online, i always read the reviews of a particular website before paying... no matter how big the name is. Anyways thanks for sharing the info with everyone.

Justin Raj, Goa said...

I had a bad experience too.. I purchased a dual simcard mobile phone.. when the package arrived, it was a lousy one.. so I sent it back with much difficulty as they could not give me a retun address!!
order cancelled on 31st oct.. till date no refund.. mails not replied.. calls go to customer service.. they recite the usual templates... we are forwarding this issue to concerned department, or your complaint has been registerd... etc... I am really pissed off with this all.
Totally unprofessional crooks.. once they get your money.. then you are at their mercy..
they can't be touched because they are TIMES OF INDIA group..
my 6500 rupees and call charges for numerous times gone down the drain!!

Bhanu said...

They idiots,

i put two orders for them. one i looked and see the status as out of stock, although amount was deducted immediately, the other first mentioned as shipped now shown as canceled. who they think they are. thugs at the street corner. what sort of ready made messages is affixed below. they piece of shits, how come i get to expect to enjoy a wonderful shopping experience when they cannot even meet smallest commitments from their part. they piece of shits, as for ideas, they get that from people running their newspaper and jain group, the enterprises behind this bullshit if thats the case. when did they started running the country, the republic of india. there may be people who may be thinking they people are great. they do nonsense, and send in english ready made messages to make up for that. shameless a**holes. they keep the money. they shameless a**holes. i committed to get something. not to bear nonsense from they for nothing. they make me come to their website, and offer a product, take money, make me wait for five to ten days, only to say, what? india is the only country where any nonsense can be accommodated. still they will send they the reply and ask for comments (because their IQ as per international survey is well below that of a counterpart who may be doing this sort things on smaller scale but still on a better way in diff. part of the world) . they piece of shits, take care. they a** holes. dont tell after 5 to 10 days what they are up to. take this to court. make a complain for use of obscene words and send me to jail. my proper name and address can be faxed to them, just send a court order, something seen common in india where one get to arrest a petty thief involved with Rs.10, but may be giving protection to matters involving higher amounts (rights of all, privileges of few). God forbid them big times a**holes still in business fooling countless number of people of their hard earned for nothing. their website is a mess, their attitude even more messier than the website. still too proud. a** holes. take a mirror. and see what this means to biggest a**hole running the operation, the guy at top, the stupid, who cannot even see, what his company is doing. they will do same thing to him also ( take money from him, and tell him ten days after that his order is canceled- they piece of shit, they owe more to a customer than to the guy at top). then for what the they maintain this website.

Anonymous said...

Recently they have started spamming corporate mail boxes with shopping offers from . They have a unsubscribe link at the bottom and it is not effective.

Everybody should inform Cyber Cell regarding cheating by Indiatimes and it should be published in local newspapers.

A WHOIS lookup displays Manish Jain, as the domain owner and address as:

I world tower
Dlf phase V, opp golf course sector road,

Nobody is properly responding to calls and does not know who Manish Jain is. I am planning to inform the Internet Registrars about this and their spamming activities.

Saurabh said...

really indiatimes gives worst shopping exprience...