7up Party Time Game

This is a clever gaming contest. All u gotta do is to help six friends in yellow cars reach the clubhouse in time. How you can do that? Evade the red lights by dropping a can of 7up on it. Ha! Simple.

The contest is valid from 8th August'07 to 6th September'07 only. A User can play as many times as he wishes in a day.

Prizes for the Contest are as follows:
1st Prize: Compaq Laptop V 6000 (Yippee!!!)
2nd Prize: Nokia N 95 (Bingo!!!)
50 Consolation Prizes: Fifty T- shirts / Fido Bags (Worth the fun!!!)

Play Game!

I am going to give this game a shot. A Compaq Laptop V 6000 is haunting me in my dreams. These guys are clever with their campaigns. They target us poor timepass seekers so easily.

Anyways, Sign! I am on to it. What bout u?