Lets start with the one that initiated my quest for amusing toilets and related stuff. The spiderman toilet.

This work of art and inspiration was sent to me by my close associate. Thus, I though of venturing out in search for funny, amusing as well as creative toilets. However, I came across many more interesting artifacts that I would love to share will all of you.

Next, is this mirror beauty. This is a public loo, location unknown to me, from the outside it is a mirror but from the inside it is transparent glass. Yes, with this one you can actually keep track of the world outside while you do your thing inside.

The next three are absolutely unimaginable. Take a look...

I love fishes, I love aquarium... but could not imagine it this way

I wonder what happens everytime one flushes... poor fishes

The ancient beauty...

This is a good way of telling people that the thing is 'out of order'. Ouch.... it would certainly hurt a lot if someone didn't take note of the message.

Strange waiting seats... the only worry is that one may confuse it with the real one.

This toilet paper will ensure that you never get bored

Lastly, these ones are my fav. I would just like to say one thing for them 'CREATIVITY AT ITS BEST.'